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Position Your Assets to Benefit You

All too often people and businesses become the victims of their finances. They court financial problems and don't even know it until...

  • Important tax deductions are missed.
  • Retirement assets are depleted.
  • Unnecessary capital gains are paid.
  • Estate taxes cut into inheritance.
Become a Beneficiary

The goal of Robert W. Davis, CPA is to make individuals and businesses the beneficiaries of their finances. Our success is in helping you turn your financial problems around by ensuring...

  • Tax deductions are maximized.
  • Retirement funds grow.
  • Capital gains are minimized.
  • Heirs enjoy a full inheritance.
Range of Services

Our expertise lies in all tax preparation, estate planning, accounting, and business valuation. We align all our services to accommodate your individual, estate and business needs.

The Right Questions

We understand that there are no magic formulas to avoid becoming a victim of your own finances. Every situation is different and unique. Knowledge is the key to the successful assessment of any financial situation.

Backed by 30 years of experience, not only do we ask the right questions, but we know when to ask them—before it’s too late.

Through careful evaluation, extensive planning and close attention to detail, Robert Davis CPA and his staff are prepared to help you understand the breadth of confidence and security that comes with making the right financial decisions at the appropriate time.