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Estate Services

Our office can help you evaluate your situation and recommend responsible solutions that will protect your assets for you and your heirs, minimizing government’s “take”.

Baby boomers have built their estate through the 70’s, 80’s and into the new century, and now look forward to retirement.

Little do they realize that without proper planning, current trends in litigation could mean losing their estate.

Their parents often have sizable estates that are also vulnerable.

Estate Services
  • Speciality Tax Returns for Estates, Charitable Trusts, Family Trusts and Limited Partnerships
  • Independent Estate Administration
  • Qualified Asset Allocation
  • Analysis of Options for Offshore Trusts and Other Grantor Trusts
Complimentary Consultation

To our new clients, we offer a one-hour complimentary consultation to evaluate your financial needs.

Our intent is to empower you with the information you need to help you start planning for a more prosperous financial future.

Please call (760) 434-7762 for your free consultation.